Your Coaching

The first individual coaching-appointment usually takes place in person. Upon request, the following appointments may be held via FaceTime, Skype or phone.

I provide a sympathetic ear for your situation and your concerns, I offer new perspectives on potential solutions and I ensure absolute discretion.

Your current/ most urgent concern establishes the agenda of every appointment. Together we accordingly address all or selected of the following facets of lifestyle and their impact on your physical and mental health and resilience: nutrition (incl. recreational drugs), physical activity/ exercise, circadian rhythm, sleep and ways of coping with challenging situations/ stress.

The information you provide forms the basis for determining the leeway for optimisations of your lifestyle. In most cases you will be asked to log the activities of a common weekly routine in order to identify current habits/behavioural patterns. If required, objective parameters such as weight, abdominal circumference, blood pressure, blood panel, continuous blood glucose monitoring, etc. are also included in the analysis.

You decide what you would like to achieve and I assist you in this endeavour with essential information and scientifically based methods/ strategies, which you can apply on a daily basis. We not only identify possible barriers but also appropriate supportive measures on your way towards more health promoting daily routines.

flexi MENTE Health and Resilience Coaching equips you with the skills and tools necessary to independently, confidently, and efficiently live a vital and fulfilled life at any age and any time. You and I work as a team to enable you to lead a satisfying life in a more healthy and resilient fashion.

You are not bound to any predefined number of coaching sessions. For some people just one appointment is sufficient to develop in the desired direction. Other people prefer to meet several times either to widen their perspective or to deeper explore and understand certain aspects of life and their modifications and/or for consistent accountability.

Sessions on weekends, in groups (spouse, family, friends) or at your workplace may be arranged on demand.

The fees and terms of payment are communicated upon request.